January 2014

First day of school

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9:30 am

It is Jeremy’s first day of school today. He was up, dressed and ready by 6:30am. Very excited especially because his dad was coming down from the country to see him off. I decided to make pancakes as a breakfast treat. Probably a bad idea as by the time we all sat down to eat Jeremy’s nerves had kicked in and he wasn’t hungry. Luckily he’d had an Up & Go earlier. After a few photos we all walked over to the school just 100 metres away. Super handy! Feeling super proud and excited for my big school boy.


Well the first day of school is over and appears to have gone pretty well. He had a short day today and finished at 1:30. Jeremy described the day, classroom and other children as “good”. He informs me he spent the day playing inside & outside. Sounds good to me.

We have started a new first day of the school year tradition – Ice creams from the milk bar. Also as soon as we got home I asked Jeremy to take his lunch box out of his bag and put his bag away. Hoping to save myself years of frustration.





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The prompt for this week is ‘smile’. I just love Elliott’s toothy smile and nothing makes him happier at the moment than practising his standing. He is very determined and I am sure he will be walking soon. In this photo he is being helped by his great grandmother (Nonna).




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Interview with a (my) five year old

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I decided to interview my five year old son Jeremy. He was happy to oblige and answered my questions quite succinctly. Not sure where the idea to holiday in Brazil came from but I’m thinking it was probably Peppa Pig.

Alan works in software development but is quite a handy man at home so I’m sure that’s where the spanners came from. I wasn’t surprised to find that he wants to be a fireman or that his perfect day would involve train rides and eating cake.


The Questions:

How old is Mum?  


How old is Alan? 


What is Alan’s job? 

Working with spanners.

How old do you have to be to drive a car? 


When Juliema (grandma) babysits, where do you think Mum and Alan are?

 Out where you want to go.

What does your brother do to annoy you?

 Elliott annoys me when he is crying when I am in bed and trying to sleep.

Where would you like to go on holiday?


Where do babies come from?


How much money should the Tooth Fairy leave per tooth?

 One dollar.

If you were a Mum what would you let your children do that I don’t?

Do anything that they want to do. But no driving cars.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A fireman.

What does mum always say to you?


What would your perfect day be like?

We would play lots of games outside and play hopscotch and eat cake and go on the train to the city.


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Writing Prompt: ‘she had the last laugh’

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He left her with nothing. She had been the ideal wife but now he had a younger model. What a fall.

She moved in with her ageing parents, their apartment was small and musty. But they were happy to have her and she was grateful.

On a whim she bought the lottery ticket. She knew the chances of winning were nearly nil. Still a little glimmer of hope as she waited for numbers to appear on the small TV.

They were all there and the $20 million 1st division prize was hers.

And then she just started to laugh.


This was written for this week’s 100 Words on Saturday at The Write Tribe.


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I have decided to take part in the weekly photography challenge over at Finding Myself Young. You can check out the weekly prompts here.

I am a few weeks behind so will just start with week three. The prompt for this week is ‘play’ and I am posting a photo of my two sons playing on the tractor my older son Jeremy got for Christmas.


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Writing Prompt: ‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye’

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The smile was plastered on her face. It was his birthday party and she couldn’t let him know. She busied herself with the task of blowing balloons, making fairy bread and filling lolly bags. In only a couple of hours everyone would be arriving. Then she wouldn’t have time to think about anything else. That would be a welcome relief.

He was so excited about this party. Unable to talk about anything else for weeks. So it had to go ahead, regardless of how she was feeling. She made excuses to him knowing that he would believe her without questioning. The real explanations could come later. But what about everyone else? Her whole extended family would be there. Could she really pull this off?

Everything was ready and they were just waiting for the doorbell to ring.  They read a story to pass the time. And then maybe he just sensed that she needed him as he wasn’t usually an affectionate child. He put his little arms around her and squeezed her tightly. He had seen through to her heart and recognised she needed him. During their embrace she realised that she would be okay, she was strong and not alone.

This post is a part of Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt ‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye’

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Wordless Wednesday – My Gran

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I got married last August and was so lucky that my 85 year old Gran was able to attend. She is quite frail and we were not sure if it would be too much for her. Not only did she stay for the whole reception but she also danced! Here are some photos of my beautiful Gran on the wedding day.






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Ways to keep your preschooler entertained in the car.

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How to entertain your preschooler when the iPod goes flat (in the car).

Sometimes you just need a few ways to keep the children entertained in the car that doesn’t involve screen time. These are all games that I have used on various car trips with my son. They are good for 3 – 5 year olds and beyond.

1. Play Eye Spy – Instead of using  letters you can use colours and adjectives. For example “Eye Spy with my little eye something that is is white and fluffy”. Possible answer: Clouds.

2. Make up nonsense words – my son (5 y. o) loves to do this and it always sends him into fits of giggles.

3. Tell Jokes –  My son’s jokes are so bad that they’re good!

4. Sing – Turn the radio off and sing songs instead. The babies love this also.

5. Story telling – Retell familiar stories or make up your own.

I would love to hear of some other games people use with their preschoolers.


New Year. New Blog.

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My five year old son Jeremy tells me that I make the best pancakes in the world. They are one of his favourite treats & he always has them with lemon & sugar. This is where the idea came for the name of my blog. Lemon and sugar also signifies the sweet and sour (highs and lows) that we all experience in our lives.

I guess it’s a bit cliché to begin a blog on New Year’s Day & would not view it as one of my resolutions or anything. Just something I have considered for a while and finally got around to. I’m not really sure what direction my blog will take, just that I plan to write about my experiences in life, parenting and the things that I learn on the way.

I did not actually plan on making any resolutions and have always viewed them as a bit silly. Something that is forgotten about by the second week of January. However, now that I think about it there are a few things I would like to focus on in 2014.

1. Be a present and positive parent – Sometimes I am so distracted I find that I am not really there for my kids or giving them the attention they deserve.

2. Eat less sugar – I am a massive sweet tooth – chocolate, liquorice, muffins! Yum! But I am starting to feel really unhealthy and am keen to improve my diet.

3. Get out of my comfort zone – This is a BIG one!!! I am quite shy and introverted and like to stay in a space where I feel safe and comfortable. This means I rarely make new friends/acquaintances and struggle with small talk.  I have the perfect opportunity to get out an meet people in my local area as my son Jeremy is starting school just down the road from us. His kinder was in another suburb so it was easy for me to justify distancing myself from the other parents.

Well that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.