9:30 am

It is Jeremy’s first day of school today. He was up, dressed and ready by 6:30am. Very excited especially because his dad was coming down from the country to see him off. I decided to make pancakes as a breakfast treat. Probably a bad idea as by the time we all sat down to eat Jeremy’s nerves had kicked in and he wasn’t hungry. Luckily he’d had an Up & Go earlier. After a few photos we all walked over to the school just 100 metres away. Super handy! Feeling super proud and excited for my big school boy.


Well the first day of school is over and appears to have gone pretty well. He had a short day today and finished at 1:30. Jeremy described the day, classroom and other children as “good”. He informs me he spent the day playing inside & outside. Sounds good to me.

We have started a new first day of the school year tradition – Ice creams from the milk bar. Also as soon as we got home I asked Jeremy to take his lunch box out of his bag and put his bag away. Hoping to save myself years of frustration.