New Year. New Blog.

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My five year old son Jeremy tells me that I make the best pancakes in the world. They are one of his favourite treats & he always has them with lemon & sugar. This is where the idea came for the name of my blog. Lemon and sugar also signifies the sweet and sour (highs and lows) that we all experience in our lives.

I guess it’s a bit cliché to begin a blog on New Year’s Day & would not view it as one of my resolutions or anything. Just something I have considered for a while and finally got around to. I’m not really sure what direction my blog will take, just that I plan to write about my experiences in life, parenting and the things that I learn on the way.

I did not actually plan on making any resolutions and have always viewed them as a bit silly. Something that is forgotten about by the second week of January. However, now that I think about it there are a few things I would like to focus on in 2014.

1. Be a present and positive parent – Sometimes I am so distracted I find that I am not really there for my kids or giving them the attention they deserve.

2. Eat less sugar – I am a massive sweet tooth – chocolate, liquorice, muffins! Yum! But I am starting to feel really unhealthy and am keen to improve my diet.

3. Get out of my comfort zone – This is a BIG one!!! I am quite shy and introverted and like to stay in a space where I feel safe and comfortable. This means I rarely make new friends/acquaintances and struggle with small talk.  I have the perfect opportunity to get out an meet people in my local area as my son Jeremy is starting school just down the road from us. His kinder was in another suburb so it was easy for me to justify distancing myself from the other parents.

Well that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.